Apropos Business Solutions, Inc. offers standard products, custom database development, custom web enabled applications, website design, and web hosting. Standard products include Premium Finance Manager and Agent Quote Module for insurance premium finance companies. We provide custom database applications based on Microsoft Access or SQL Server. Web site designs can be interactive sites supporting electronic commerce with integration to your company’s database. Web hosting is provided to our customers in order to provide a complete solution to our customers, design, implementation, web hosting and of course long term support.


You Need More than Great Software

When you purchase Premium Finance Manager you get great software at a good price, but you need more. You need great service! Apropos provides the service you need – installation, setup, training, and ongoing support. OK, so you get the software and services, but you still need more. You need a guarantee! And with Apropos you get a guarantee, a money back guarantee!

Get Started with Installation and Setup
Included with the purchase of Premium Finance Manager is support for installation and setup. We will configure the software to your specific requirements at NO extra charge. We will even add your premium finance agreement to Premium Finance Manager so it will print on plain paper. This means that you do not need to re-submit your finance agreement to your state regulators agency. This saves you the time and expense of changing finance agreements.

Add Training, Either Online or On-Site
Apropos offers both online and on-site training. Online training is done with an instructor using a remote control program such as pcAnywhere, GoToMyPc or LapLink. On-site training is available for those who feel more comfortable learning face-to-face or for those who need a group session.

Continue with Reliable Support
Included with the purchase of Premium Finance Manager is 90 days of standard software support. This gives you unlimited phone support and all upgrades and fixes. After the 90 days you can extend support to continue receiving great support and new product releases.

Dedicated Support Website
In order to provide quality support to our customers, we offer a dedicated support website, which works on a ticketing system to better track and help with your questions or problems. You can view our dedicated support website at www.apropossupport.com.

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