Our Projects

With Apropos Business Solutions, Inc.’s database design you get a high quality and affordable application. Our databases are programmed by top-notch programmers who started with Microsoft Access Version 1.0 over twenty years ago.

You receive a complete application tailored to your business operation for increased productivity. Access is the world’s best selling database which ensures long term support.

Features Benefit
Custom Applications   
Designed to your requirements Increases customer satisfaction and the competitiveness of your business.  
Based on the latest software technology.   Let’s you concentrate on your expertise – your business.
High quality, responsive professional support.   
Microsoft Access  
Powerful desktop database. The right "size" for most small and medium size applications.
Multi-user and network ready.  Allows easy sharing of data and system expansion.
Modern development tools Rapid application development and testing. 
Fully integrated with Microsoft Office and the Internet.   

Our Services

The staff at Apropos Business Solutions, Inc. has over thirty years of experience in the computer industry. Our specialty is improving office productivity for small and medium size businesses. Services range from product selection to network installation to application training. Contact us today to start getting optimum use of your personnel and technology for increased profits and improved customer satisfaction! 

Service Benefit
Business processes analysis to optimize personnel and technology for reducing cost and increasing quality
Saves you time researching ever-changing products.
Selection and procurement of computer equipment and communication technology
Saves cost and aggravation of making selection mistakes.
Software evaluation, selection and set-up to match your requirements
 We know the intricacies of each application and how to achieve the most productivity from each.
Personalized Program for beginners, intermediate and advance users
Shortens learning curve for quicker productivity and earlier payback.
Specialist on Microsoft Products Learn how to solve your problems – not "canned" routines.
Unique follow-up Program
Expertise in Microsoft Products  

Microsoft Technology Database and Web Design

Microsoft Office 

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
Powerful applications which are fully integrated resulting in reduced learning time and increased productivity.
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